A BCN Halloween, Shrek n’ Sauerkraut in Prague & Crazy Croc-Wearing Roommates in Dublin!!!!

Hola hola hola kweenie bops!! This past month has been muy divertido. I’ve traveled to new places, been reunited with old friends and have truly been trying to live up to the YOBO motto bc you truly only Barthelona ONCEEEE. Time has been flying by here and it’s crazy to think that ANOTHER month has gone by so quickly, yet so much has happened since my last post!

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More pasta, please? – Florence, Italy // Europe Trip


After the beauty of Cinque Terre the group headed on a train to Pisa to see the one and only leaning tower of Pisa and take a cliche photo leaning on the tower. We then headed to Florence, Italy and when we finally got to the hotel, Serena and I crashed on our beds and took a very long nap. We were SO happy to finally have reliable air conditioning and wifi. JUST KIDDING

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Costa Rica Trip: Chillin’ in Manuel Antonio

For spring break, my family and I have journeyed our way from the smoggy California valley to the dense vivacious jungles of Costa Rica. Eleven days in this 100% humidity rainforest on the coast of the warm Pacific Sea (yes, warm because the ocean feels like a bathtub compared to the glacier cold masses at Zuma). We departed at around 7pm from our house and arrived in Costa Rica at 5 in the morning, and considering I had been partying all weekend at Coachella and had been staying up since 2 each school night due to my extreme work load, you could say I was a bit fatigued. We took a 3-hour drive from the airport to our hotel, which you could presume I napped through for the most part. My first thought towards Costa Rica was that it was quite the lush green land, and that impression has not changed. Every where you go it feels as if you are in the rainforest and that we as humans are strangers who have built some sort of civilization within its oasis. Once we arrived to the hotel I was surprised to see how small and quaint it was. It is almost as if I am living in some big deluxe tree house in the middle of a tropical island right off the sea, oh wait just kidding I am! I spend the day tanning and swimming by the pool, sipped on a virgin Pina Colada, and when we got our rooms took the best nap of my life in the freshly washed hotel bed sheets listening to the songs of the birds in the trees outside my window.
Today, we started our real adventure. Zip lining! We took a bus to another location and met our zip-lining guides, who were extremely charming, funny, and professional. Some of them were also pretty cute and fit. I think it’s some sort of culture thing that Central American men make an effort to smell good, and it really goes a long way. I had zip lined in Hawaii before but it was nothing like this. Imagine George of the Jungle or Tarzan swinging from vine to vine, except add a harness a helmet and of course a zip line. It was a bit difficult because you had to cross your legs and wear these gloves and hold one hand along the line and use the other to grip your lines, and you had to try to keep your body still and straight. I loved zipping through the trees and seeing this blur of green flash before my eyes. I felt a surge of exhilaration after every zip (if that’s what they call them). I saw some cute animals on this little trip as well, like two baby bats sleeping in a tree as well as a baby porcupine, a toucan, and some not so cute ones like the poisonous black and green frog. We also met a nice family from Canada who had a very interesting son named Landon who was telling my family and I all about this concoction him and his Canadian friends call “liquid cocaine” that gets you super drunk. I guess they go all out in Canada! After zip lining we sped over to the beach and I was extremely pleased to feel the ocean water. It was like stepping in to a bathtub, literally. Absolutely no seaweed or rocks in the ground, no sand crab or creepy sea creatures, and the perfect sized waves. Not too big, not to small; they were perfect for body surfing. The only downside was how salty the ocean was, but it was nothing a bit of rubbing of your eyes couldn’t relieve. I swear if the ocean was like this at home I think I’d live at the beach. Costa Ricans are quite friendly! They smile if you smile back and are much more open to talking to strangers than Americans, something I noticed in France too. Why are American’s so frickin’ afraid of meeting new people and being outgoing? I think I saw eleven year olds walking around with beers on the beach, since alcohol on the beach is legal and you only have to be 18 to drink and they probably could care less. Some dogs as well! It was a real party up in there! I indulged in some guac and chips, sipped on a coconut, and even got another pina colada. The beach in Costa Rica is much different than La. For one, you are allowed to smoke and drink, you can have your dogs on the beach, and there are tons of venders and people selling fruit, snow cones, coconuts to sip on, and even a chair and umbrella business with their own menu of delicious food and smoothies to order. I obviously enjoy this much more than any day at Zuma!






^^ notice something wrong with this picture?? (hint hint who’s holding WHAT drink, don’t worry folks its just for innocent fun of creating subliminal messages within your pictures :D)


^ “dad take a picture of me sipping on this coconut” – me

~xoxo Ali~